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Executive Assessment

One essential pillar of our work is the reliable assessment of our candidates. The suitability for the vacancy in questions is not the only concern. Elaborating the strengths and development potential of our candidates also plays a central role.

The core piece of our assessment is formed by the competence-based in-depth interviews. These structured conversations are carried out by Norecu managers, who have long-term assessment experience and personnel psychological qualifications at their disposal. This suitability diagnostic method is enhanced by the application of psychometric tests that are scientifically founded and have been developed and adapted in cooperation with us.

The result of this combination of methods is a differentiated, individual candidate profile. This profile provides information whether the candidate is the optimal fit for the vacancy and company strategy in question. At the same time this profile also tells us whether the position corresponds to the expectations and strengths of the candidate. Here, honest and objective feedback to the candidate is an important part of the process.

The Executive Assessment portfolio area is managed by Katja Hoppe. The certified psychologist is also a partner at Norecu Executive Search GmbH and manager of IT & Digital Life. For more than ten years she has been specialized as a headhunter of IT management positions for medium-sized companies and international corporate groups.